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CHEST Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Member Benefits 

Financial Benefits

  • 90% of membership fees go toward the research - no costly pass-through charges will ever reduce your research investments.

  • Royalty free shared Intellectual Property (IP) that serves the IAB.

    • CHEST IP serves IAB company interests. IAB members utilize and license CHEST IP in their company products for profit and growth.

  • Multiply your company research budget through leveraging of IAB investments. The CHEST research portfolio is funded by twenty-three members.

    • 20+ financial leverage in 2024

Cybersecurity and Trust Benefits

  • CHEST Research is tailored to IAB Member Requirements.

    • The IAB identifies research topic areas annually for new proposals.

    • Members vote to select projects from annual proposals for funding.

    • Aligns research with consortium cybersecurity and trust priorities.

  • IAB guides and validates portfolio progress. Members provide feedback and direction to researchers through multiple processes:

    • Monthly status updates

    • Bi-annual portfolio reviews

    • Hands-on project guidance

Cyber Workforce Development Benefits

  • CHEST is building our nation’s Cyber professional workforce.

  • CHEST 2021 – 2024 will support 100+ student researchers.

  • IAB members regularly mentor student researchers

    • Hands-on interactions during CHEST research projects.

    • Internships, co-op, and summer hire programs.

  • ~30% of CHEST graduates will be hired by CHEST IAB companies.

CHEST Business POCs

Mr. Luis Concha

CHEST Managing Director

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Cincinnati
Phone: (513)556-7293

Ms. Donna Longworth

CHEST Business Manager

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Cincinnati
Phone: (513)556-7293

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